Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Belated post

I was busy all weekend, then sick yesterday, so I didn't get my last two bentos posted. (and I didn't get anything done for lunch today when I did go back to work)
Friday's Meal
Bento 9-26-08

"Sea Vegetable" salad with lotus root and mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, rice with furikake, cheese, more cherry tomatoes, watermelon daikon and a peach gummy hiding a container of dip for the tomatoes and radish.

Sunday I packed a lunch to take with me to the Celtic festival up in Grass Valley where the fiber guild was spinning and knitting.
Bento 9-28-08

Lotus root salad, Cevapcici and frozen shrimp, cabbage and edamame topped with another shrimp, a pear, balsamic for the cabbage and edamame, and rice with furikake.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

dragonfruit and more

Tuesday I cut open a red dragonfruit that I spent way too much money on for a single fruit. The flesh is bright pink, the taste is sweet, but not wonderful enough to justify the price. At least it's cool looking! And it's crunchy when you eat it- I do like the texture.

Tuesday's lunch-
Bento 9-23-08
Edamame with a fish of soy sauce, cherry tomatoes, green onion for filler (it didn't taste good...), dragonfruit, cevapcici, cheese cubes, and rice with furikake.

Wednesday's lunch-
Bento 9-24-08

Brown rice onigiri filled with chopped black olives, watermelon daikon, dragonfruit, a container of salad dressing, all on a bed of red cabbage. A container of yogurt on the side.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Too Much Red?

I think I didn't balance the colors well today, oh well...
Bento 9-21-08

Chocolate whipped yogurt on the side, mmmmm. The rest is packed in one of my smaller single tier boxes, it's a 480ml "natural lunchtime" box. Beets with salt and pepper, cherry tomatoes, cheese, imitation crab and rice with nori and egg furikake. I am not positive I like this furikake, but at the same time I don't not like it. I think that I will put on less next time I use it.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cevapcici and rice

I finally decided to try to make some Cevapcici, and I froze the extras. I used the ground meat I had on hand, so they were made with lamb and turkey.

Bento 10-19-08

This bento was filled with rice and furikake, cevapcici, beets, an egg (shaped like a bear, but squished in there so you really can't see that), edamame, a fishy of soy for the egg and edamame, and cherry tomatoes to fill in the spaces.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Quinoa and Beets

Bento 9-17-08

I like quinoa salads, so this was in the plans even before one was posted on Just Bento. Mine has quinoa, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, avocado, tomato, cilantro and green onions (along with salt and pepper). Next to it is a dish of beets with balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper, and some concord grapes. I threw in a couple cheese cubes to add variety.

Packed in my 650 ml leaflet tight box.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Sushi for Tuesday

Bento 9-16-08

I don't like all the bottom of the container that I can see in this one. It's got three pieces of a homemade sushi roll- filled with avocado, tobiko, green onion and imitation crab, and wrapped with soy wrappers. There are cherry tomatoes to fill spaces, as well as a couple of laughing cow cubes. there is also a heart shaped egg, some concord grapes, a still frozen berry lemonade agar-agar jelly and soy and wasabi for the sushi (and probably the egg too).

Packed in my Putifresh banana box, 330ml/250ml.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fried noodles and yogurt....

Bento 9-15-08

I'm still playing with the photograpy, as well as the portions. Some days it seems like I bring too much, other days I wish I had eaten more.

Tomorrow's lunch has blueberry pocky in the lid, the top tier is a mix of veggies (bell pepper, cherry tomatoes, broccoli and cauliflower), some dip for the veggies, concord grapes and a couple laughing cow cheese cubes. The bottom tier is fried noodles with green onion and fish cake- there is at least one little shrimp someplace in there too (I may throw some frozen shrimp on top before I leave for work tomorrow.). The tiger has blueberry yogurt in it.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Wednesday's lunch

I ended up with only 3 bentos this week- I had to be able to eat in the car between schools on Thursday, and Friday the PTA did lunch for us. Here is what I ate Wednesday.
Bento 8-10-08
The top tier has blueberry yogurt (which held up better than I expected in transport!) fish cake and grilled veggies. The bottom tier has a hard boiled egg sliced in half, and potatoes with vinegar, salt and pepper, and a bit of myzethra cheese on top. There were strawberry pocky hidden in the lid.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Two days at once.

I have to be up very early tomorrow, so I'm about off to bed, but I figured I should have my lunch done so I can just grab it.

First of all, here is today's lunch. Again, sort of the same thing that I have been making- veggies, dip, rice, jelly, cheese (hiding under the veggies). But I topped the rice with some scrambled egg instead of furikake today. In the lid are some of the good strawberry pocky- the kind with the actual dried strawberry bits in it.

Bento 9-8-08

And for tomorrow- I made some sushi with imitation crab, tobiko, green onion and a sesame soy wrapper. I was going to use avocado, but I opened it up and it was rotten (I hate living alone!) Next to the sushi is a fishy of soy sauce, a dip container of wasabi and a couple cherry tomatoes to keep stuff from shifting. The top tier is a mix of things- hidden under the peach gummy and chocolate is a mochi, next to them is a rabbit shaped egg, some blueberries and mango, and a little cup of grilled veggies.

Bento 9-9-08

Friday, September 5, 2008

Week 3 done!

Bento 9-5-08

This was pretty much filled with stuff that I had around that I want to get finished up. The rice was in the freezer, the grilled veggies were left over from dinner on wednesday....

Grilled vegetables, agar agar jelly with strawberry lemonade and a cherry, concord grapes, fish cake, a fish of soy sauce, a hard boiled egg, cherry tomatoes and rice with furikake.

I actually smoked the veggies more than grilling them. I have a little kamado pot that is a hand me down my dad fixed up for me a few years ago. It's great. I skewered cherry tomatoes, red onion, red bell pepper and mushrooms. I was going to include lamb, but the lamb I had pulled out of the freezer had gone bad (I forgot about it in the fridge). After heating up the kamado pot, I put the skewers of veggies on it, closed it up and let them cook. Usually I'll add some wood chips for smoke, but this time I just used chunk charcoal.

I have to admit that I ate a good portion of this, then another teacher offered mint chocolate ice cream cake. I really can't turn down many things with mint and chocolate involved....

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Today I used two of my three bunny boxes. One is a 380ml Hakoya box that I like, but it's on the small side. The other is a lube sheep clickety click "rinda rabbit" small box that is 320ml. Together they work for a good lunch.

Bento 9-4-08
The top tier of the hakoya box has concord grapes, a strawberry mochi, and a strawberry lemonade agar agar jelly with a cherry. The bottom tier is brown calrose rice with furikake. The Rinda Rabbit box is a salad with a bottom layer of shredded cabbage, topped with cherry tomatoes, a car shaped egg, fish cake and smoked red onion left from yesterday's dinner. There is a bottle of orange sesame dressing on the side.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Bento 9-3-08

Very similar to yesterday's lunch, change the fruit, add an egg and switch the sweets....

A fishy egg, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, blue cheese dip, two brown rice onigiri filled with olives, agar agar jelly (stawberry lemonade with a cherry), concord grapes, cheese and a strawberry mochi.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tuesday's lunch

Bento 9-2-08
Bottom layer is mango, blueberries, two homemade "peanut butter and jelly" mini muffins (they actually are almond butter, one has blackberry plum jelly the other has peach butter), and some homemade strawberry lemonade agar-agar jelly.
The top layer has broccoli, cherry tomatoes, two mini olive filled onigiri, cheese and a little container of blue cheese dip for the veggies.

The muffin recipe is one my mom used to make all the time for us when we were kids. I hadn't had them in years. They're yummy and easy to make.