Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Belated post

I was busy all weekend, then sick yesterday, so I didn't get my last two bentos posted. (and I didn't get anything done for lunch today when I did go back to work)
Friday's Meal
Bento 9-26-08

"Sea Vegetable" salad with lotus root and mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, rice with furikake, cheese, more cherry tomatoes, watermelon daikon and a peach gummy hiding a container of dip for the tomatoes and radish.

Sunday I packed a lunch to take with me to the Celtic festival up in Grass Valley where the fiber guild was spinning and knitting.
Bento 9-28-08

Lotus root salad, Cevapcici and frozen shrimp, cabbage and edamame topped with another shrimp, a pear, balsamic for the cabbage and edamame, and rice with furikake.

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