Friday, September 5, 2008

Week 3 done!

Bento 9-5-08

This was pretty much filled with stuff that I had around that I want to get finished up. The rice was in the freezer, the grilled veggies were left over from dinner on wednesday....

Grilled vegetables, agar agar jelly with strawberry lemonade and a cherry, concord grapes, fish cake, a fish of soy sauce, a hard boiled egg, cherry tomatoes and rice with furikake.

I actually smoked the veggies more than grilling them. I have a little kamado pot that is a hand me down my dad fixed up for me a few years ago. It's great. I skewered cherry tomatoes, red onion, red bell pepper and mushrooms. I was going to include lamb, but the lamb I had pulled out of the freezer had gone bad (I forgot about it in the fridge). After heating up the kamado pot, I put the skewers of veggies on it, closed it up and let them cook. Usually I'll add some wood chips for smoke, but this time I just used chunk charcoal.

I have to admit that I ate a good portion of this, then another teacher offered mint chocolate ice cream cake. I really can't turn down many things with mint and chocolate involved....

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