Wednesday, September 24, 2008

dragonfruit and more

Tuesday I cut open a red dragonfruit that I spent way too much money on for a single fruit. The flesh is bright pink, the taste is sweet, but not wonderful enough to justify the price. At least it's cool looking! And it's crunchy when you eat it- I do like the texture.

Tuesday's lunch-
Bento 9-23-08
Edamame with a fish of soy sauce, cherry tomatoes, green onion for filler (it didn't taste good...), dragonfruit, cevapcici, cheese cubes, and rice with furikake.

Wednesday's lunch-
Bento 9-24-08

Brown rice onigiri filled with chopped black olives, watermelon daikon, dragonfruit, a container of salad dressing, all on a bed of red cabbage. A container of yogurt on the side.

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