Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Sandwich box

I finally got around to using the sandwich box I bought when I got my first Ichiban Kan order. It's one of the pink polka dot ones with a separate bottom container.

Bento 10/22/08
The sandwich in the top is banana and nutella, the bottom container has quail eggs, cheese, a jelly, cabbage, edamame, a peach gummy and a little container of soy sauce.

Bento 10/24/08

Two olive filled onigiri (one white rice and the other brown), cherry tomatoes, a jelly, broccoli, cabbage, cheese filled mini sweet peppers, quail eggs, mini meat balls, and a container of roasted pepper "ketchup."

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

An american bento, and a Hello Kitty one

Bento 10/20/08
Mac and cheese with dill, cherry tomatoes and a hard boiled egg on cabbage, beets and a little bottle of balsamic for the beets and cabbage.

Bento 10/21/08
This picture is a little blurry- I just replaced the camera batteries, we'll see if that helps. I didn't have much time to prep for this, and I'm running low on veggies, so the "veggies" in this one are pears on a bed of cabbage. I've also got some morningstar farms mini corn dogs, rice with furikake (yes that's hello kitty there) and a penguin container of roasted bell pepper "ketchup" for the corn dogs. On the side is a container of yogurt.

Friday, October 17, 2008

An entire week this time

Again, nothing to exciting, and several repeats.
Bento 10/13/08
Fried brown rice with shrimp, eggs, peas and green onion. I picked up a cheap rice cooker this past weekend and wanted to try it. the other side has cherry tomatoes and purple bell pepper over cabbage, and lotus root salad in the cup.

Bento 10/14/08
Tortilla wraps with babaganoush, bell pepper and cheese, a macadamia nut mochi, cherry tomatoes,hijiki salad, banana slices, a monkey of peanut butter for the bananas, and a little cup of garlic pistachios.

I was at an 1840's "fur trapper camp" and was fed a meal of stew and dumplings.

Bento 10/16/08
Spring rolls with sushi rice, shrimp, cilantro, cabbage and bell pepper, cherry tomatoes, sauteed mushrooms, and a little container of thinned pepper jelly to dip the spring rolls.

Bento 10/17/08
This is very similar to yesterday, except that there are more cherry tomatoes, on a bed of cabbage as well as a little cheese. Yesterday's lunch was just slightly too small.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The end of another week

I'm low on veggies, so Sunday I'm going to hit up the farmer's market to see what I can find. Here is what I managed to get made for Friday. It's in a new "Urara" dragonfly box that I picked up at Daiso last weekend before I got sick. The shape is different from the other two tier boxes that I have.
Bento 10-10-08
The top tier is filled with a stewed seaweed, fried tofu , lotus root, carrot, mushroom and onion dish, and has three hard boiled quail eggs on top. The bottom has a silicone cup filled with cheddar and pretzel goldfish, cheese, a mango jelly, a mini pudding and the space is filled in with cabbage. I also included a little container of balsamic for the cabbage, but ended up eating it plain. The pudding was interesting- it's sort of a cross between custard and jello- yummy though.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tuesday and Wednesday

Monday I missed school because I was in the ER until 6:30 am. (A migraine that ended up with dehydration, I'm fine but still tired today.) so there was no lunch. Here are the lunches from yesterday and today.

Bento 10-7-08
this is pretty much stuff I could easily grab from the freezer or fridge. White rice with furikake, beets, jello, a babybel cheese, a chocolate filled marshmallow and yogurt on the side. It's a little on the red side, but at least there are all food groups there!.

Bento 10-8-08
I was able to prep some of this last night, so there is a bit more variety here. Breaded mushrooms, edamame, a mango jelly (the kind I like! it's a little more solid than the other stuff.), two quail eggs, somen noodles topped with green onions and a shrimp and soy sauce and sauce for the noodles. On the side is a chocolate filled marshmallow and a yogurt. Just curious, is there anybody out there who has sarcastic thoughts whenever somebody calls soba or somen noodles "soma" noodles. Hmmm, they must make you feel real good....

This one is in my new Hello Kitty box. It's got Kitty and Mimmy in a magical forest.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Not a good week for bringing lunch...

While, I did end up making 3 bentos this week, I also bought lunch twice. Here are Wednesday's and Friday's lunches.

Bento 10-1-08
Shrimp and egg fried rice, sliced pear, jello, beets and cherry tomatoes. I found the blue silicon cups in the dollar section, 6 in a package- they had choices of red, blue or yellow.

Bento 10-3-08
The top level is a soboro with egg and ground beef over brown rice and topped with furikake, the bottom layer has jello, purple cabbage, blackberries and raspberries.