Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tuesday and Wednesday

Monday I missed school because I was in the ER until 6:30 am. (A migraine that ended up with dehydration, I'm fine but still tired today.) so there was no lunch. Here are the lunches from yesterday and today.

Bento 10-7-08
this is pretty much stuff I could easily grab from the freezer or fridge. White rice with furikake, beets, jello, a babybel cheese, a chocolate filled marshmallow and yogurt on the side. It's a little on the red side, but at least there are all food groups there!.

Bento 10-8-08
I was able to prep some of this last night, so there is a bit more variety here. Breaded mushrooms, edamame, a mango jelly (the kind I like! it's a little more solid than the other stuff.), two quail eggs, somen noodles topped with green onions and a shrimp and soy sauce and sauce for the noodles. On the side is a chocolate filled marshmallow and a yogurt. Just curious, is there anybody out there who has sarcastic thoughts whenever somebody calls soba or somen noodles "soma" noodles. Hmmm, they must make you feel real good....

This one is in my new Hello Kitty box. It's got Kitty and Mimmy in a magical forest.

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