Friday, October 17, 2008

An entire week this time

Again, nothing to exciting, and several repeats.
Bento 10/13/08
Fried brown rice with shrimp, eggs, peas and green onion. I picked up a cheap rice cooker this past weekend and wanted to try it. the other side has cherry tomatoes and purple bell pepper over cabbage, and lotus root salad in the cup.

Bento 10/14/08
Tortilla wraps with babaganoush, bell pepper and cheese, a macadamia nut mochi, cherry tomatoes,hijiki salad, banana slices, a monkey of peanut butter for the bananas, and a little cup of garlic pistachios.

I was at an 1840's "fur trapper camp" and was fed a meal of stew and dumplings.

Bento 10/16/08
Spring rolls with sushi rice, shrimp, cilantro, cabbage and bell pepper, cherry tomatoes, sauteed mushrooms, and a little container of thinned pepper jelly to dip the spring rolls.

Bento 10/17/08
This is very similar to yesterday, except that there are more cherry tomatoes, on a bed of cabbage as well as a little cheese. Yesterday's lunch was just slightly too small.

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