Tuesday, October 21, 2008

An american bento, and a Hello Kitty one

Bento 10/20/08
Mac and cheese with dill, cherry tomatoes and a hard boiled egg on cabbage, beets and a little bottle of balsamic for the beets and cabbage.

Bento 10/21/08
This picture is a little blurry- I just replaced the camera batteries, we'll see if that helps. I didn't have much time to prep for this, and I'm running low on veggies, so the "veggies" in this one are pears on a bed of cabbage. I've also got some morningstar farms mini corn dogs, rice with furikake (yes that's hello kitty there) and a penguin container of roasted bell pepper "ketchup" for the corn dogs. On the side is a container of yogurt.

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