Saturday, October 11, 2008

The end of another week

I'm low on veggies, so Sunday I'm going to hit up the farmer's market to see what I can find. Here is what I managed to get made for Friday. It's in a new "Urara" dragonfly box that I picked up at Daiso last weekend before I got sick. The shape is different from the other two tier boxes that I have.
Bento 10-10-08
The top tier is filled with a stewed seaweed, fried tofu , lotus root, carrot, mushroom and onion dish, and has three hard boiled quail eggs on top. The bottom has a silicone cup filled with cheddar and pretzel goldfish, cheese, a mango jelly, a mini pudding and the space is filled in with cabbage. I also included a little container of balsamic for the cabbage, but ended up eating it plain. The pudding was interesting- it's sort of a cross between custard and jello- yummy though.

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