Sunday, November 30, 2008

Behind, behind, behind...

But- what's new with the holidays? Always trying to keep up. These lunches may not be in any particular order, but here they are- and I'll do my best to remember what was in them.
Bento 11/21/08
Leftover sweet potato gratin with miso and sesame seeds, a hard boiled egg, two cheese stuffed peppers, a chocolate filled marshmallow and a mango jelly.

Bento 11/19/08
Green tea soba noodles with a bottle of sauce, cheese, two cheese filled mini peppers, hard boiled quail eggs and a lotus root salad.

Bento 11/17/08
Yogurt with a bento on the side- sushi rice topped with a piece of smoked salmon, cherry tomatoes, cheese filled mini pepper, a hard egg and a chocolate filled marshmallow.

Bento 11/14/08
This one was a side to go with some nachos, so it's not too big. Cherry tomatoes, cheese, a cheese filled mini pepper, a couple of candies, and a mango jelly on a bed of cabbage.

A handful of stuff- yogurt, cheese, candy, cherry tomatoes, stuffed mini peppers, brown rice onigri and a mochi is hidden under it all.

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Avie said...

Hello! I just wanted to tell you that I enjoy your blog very much! Your bentos are awesome! :)