Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Onigiri wrappers

I found some onigiri wrappers in "stay fresh" packages this weekend, so the last couple of lunches have included them. I'm still trying to decide what I think. They're very tasty, but kind of akward to get the wrapper off of in order to eat the onigiri.

Bento 11/4/08
This lunch included two of the onigiri. They are both made with white rice and filled with smoked salmon and cream cheese, and they're both VERY yummy. I used an onigiri mold- it is slightly easier than molding it by hand. The bottom section of my onigiri box is filled with cherry tomatoes (bought from trader joes, and not very tasty, the rest are going to go to the animals.), broccoli, a babybel cheese and two sweet peppers filled with cream cheese. I had a baby banana on the side.

Bento 11/5/08
This has another one of the smoked salmon and cream cheese onigiri. It's easier to see the nori wrapping on this one. There are also some meatballs on a skewer, a little container of roasted pepper ketchup for the meatballs, a cheese, half a persimmon, three cream cheese filled sweet peppers and a couple of peach gummies.

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