Monday, November 10, 2008

Almost four meals

Lunch 1- Thursday
Bento 11/6/2008
I packed a lunch on Thursday even though it's usually my "fast food" lunch since I have hardly any time to eat and have to eat in the car. I had cooked the oyster mushrooms the night before and had them in a box so I figured that I might as well finish packing in the morning. In addition to the mushrooms there is half a persimmon, a cream cheese and smoked salmon filled onigiri, some cheese, a little mango jelly, and a couple of little candies. I also threw some pocky in. High on the sweets, but Thursdays are also a busy day at work.

Bento 11/7/2008
For Friday I grabbed a "chicken salad kit" but knew I'd want a little more to eat with it. I packed a little container full of a cheese filled pepper, half of a persimmon, a mango jelly and a couple of little sweets. I'm really enjoying the little sweet peppers filled with cream cheese, and I may try some hummus at some point too.

Bento 11/9 and 11/10/2008

Wait, only three pictures. I actually packed this bento for Sunday to eat while I was selling yarn in Sacramento, but ended up only eating the onigiri, the olives, and the beet salad. I just refilled the beets and olives and threw in the last cream cheese and salmon onigiri. The olives are some kalamata olives from the olive bar at the co-op, they are pitted and yummy. There also is the last of the persimmon that I had in there, a babybel cheese and a piece of candy.

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