Friday, August 29, 2008

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

I made it through the week- barely, as I really needed to go grocery shopping and didn't make it to the store until Thursday night. I think I'm going to prep some stuff this weekend for next week. As I'm getting busyier at school I am going to need to pack more. Today after I finished my bento I also ate an entire doughnut!

I'm also discovering that it's not easy to take pictures of bentos when it's dark and I'm not fully awake.

Wednesday's meal- click on picture for info on the contents
bento 8-27-08

Thursday's meal- click on picture for more info-
bento 8-28-08

Friday's meal- same as above, click on the picture for more info-
Bento 8-29-08


Holly said...

Oooh! I think I have a package of the same jellies that you have in the Thursday bento. I've not quite gotten them into my bento yet, though.

The gyoza look delicious.

cmtigger said...

I like the jellies, they used to be a slightly different formula and a little more firm than they are now. Parents were giving them to their kids and the kids weren't chewing them and were choking so they changed them to be less firm. I've found that if I freeze it overnight before packing it improves the texture and I like it better.