Tuesday, August 26, 2008

August 26, 2008

Today's bento isn't the best shot. I took the picture before work, and it just wouldn't focus in the dark. (or maybe I couldn't focus since I wasn't totally awake.) I took a lunch to school yesterday, but it was just a frozen pack of mac and cheese, so nothing worth documenting in a photo.

Bento 8-26-08

This is a Clickety Click rabbit onigiri container, so what better than to try my hand at some onigiri. I considered a few different fillings, but finally decided on a favorite sandwich filling of olives and mayonnaise, and it worked out well. I have three mini onigiri in the freezer still, these are both hand formed, so the shape is far from perfect. I tucked some Korean nori underneath to wrap them in while I was eating them.

The bottom level holds red bell pepper, a quartered mushroom, a little silicone cup of edamame, a fishy of soy for the edamame, and hidden under the pepper is a babybell cheese.

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